July 11, 2019
Categories: Foster Programs
Cat helping with laundry

Did you know that when bringing your new foster cat home, you should generally avoid leaving them in laundry rooms or kitchens? That’s one of the many tips shared by Cat Town in their new Flash Class, Bringing Your Foster Cat Home.

“Cats are super sensitive to change, so you want to think about where that cat’s going to be [in your home] and where that cat is going to feel safe.”

They say that while practically any space in your home is better than the shelter, you typically want to avoid kitchens and laundry rooms because cats can wedge themselves behind appliances pretty easily.

In this short 6-minute class, you will learn how to set up your home in a way that creates a safe space for your foster cat and how to help your foster cat acclimate to their new environment.

Watch the flash class today and share it with your foster caregivers!