July 19, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday

“Grief is just love with nowhere to go,” said Brian, in a story filmed by Mutual Rescue.

Brian and his wife Kim lost their infant shortly after she was born. Stricken with grief, Kim sought out a counselor and wrote about her experience, but Brian didn’t have the same outlets.

While scrolling through social media one night, Kim showed Brian a cute photo of a dog and mentioned there was an adoption event. He didn’t seem impressed.

Cut to 7 AM the next morning and Brian was ready to go to the adoption event. He met Lana – she was a stray with ringworm, mange and was underweight. They locked eyes and that was it. “When Lana came to our lives, we really saw how emotionally connected she was,” he said. “It was just this immediate sense that she knew what was going on and what we needed.”

Watch the heartwarming story below. Have a great weekend!