July 5, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday
polydactyl kitten

Titus Pullo was found hanging around a barn. But he was a little different than your average black and white kitten. This little guy had extra toes on all four of his feet. (Which makes him a bit of an overachiever since most polydactyl cats have extra toes on their front paws only.) Most cats have 18 toes, Titus has 24.

He was adopted by Heather Lehman after her husband sent her a picture of the tuxedo kitten. She already had three cats at home, but couldn’t resist taking in Titus, as she’s always wanted a cat with “mittens.”

The fact that Titus is in Texas is even more of a rarity since most polydactyl cats live on the East Coast, “where sailors brought them over on boats because they believed they were good luck at sea,” according to KWTX-TV News.

Veterinarian Kaki Nicotre says polydactyl cats can be more dexterous, making them better hunters and climbers thanks to their extra toes.

We’re so happy that Titus found a loving home. Have a great weekend!