July 23, 2019
Categories: Announcements
maddie's shelter compass

The wait is over! Animal shelters can now build a custom lifesaving roadmap within minutes, thanks to Maddie’s® Shelter Compass. Registration for this free web-based tool is now open and is easy to do. All you need to do is enter some basic shelter data and answer a few questions, and woof there it is!

If you haven’t already done so, create your account today  Your roadmap is your custom plan to help achieve your lifesaving goals.  

Here’s what you’ll need to get started 

  • Basic shelter data: If you’re already a member of Shelter Animals Count, this will be super simple for you. Be sure to have at least 12 months of Shelter Animals Count data. Ideally, you’ll want data up to the current month to get the most accurate picture of your shelter. If you’re not on Shelter Animals Count (and you should be!), you’ll need to manually enter your data, but it’s still super easy. 
  • Your EIN: Maddie’s Shelter Compass uses your organization’s employee identification number as your unique ID. This makes it easier for you to have other team members from your shelter join and view your roadmap 

And, if you’re going to the Best Friends National Conference next week, be sure to reserve your 15-minute spot with one of our coaches. 

So, what are you waiting for? Chart your course and boost lifesaving today with Maddie’s® Shelter Compass.

Register for Maddie’s® Shelter Compass today!