August 16, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday

Back-to-school shopping will be one less thing Jayson Kimberly has to worry about this year. He has over 200 t-shirts from animal shelters and organizations making up his wardrobe and he plans to wear a different one every day.

By wearing a new shirt every day, he hopes to show his classmates how many shelters are out there and to bring awareness to the importance of spaying and neutering. (We sent him a “Who’s a Good Human” shirt!)

He started “Leave it to the Pooch” when he was 10 years old and he began collecting food and supplies from neighbors, which him and his mother then distributed to animal shelters in the Houston, TX, area. The shelters would send he and his mother t-shirts as a token of appreciation.

He then got the idea of asking for t-shirts from other shelters. “We decided since there’s so many shelters that we’ve been helping, if we can help raise awareness for spaying and neutering, and I could wear like a different shirt every day to show my fellow classmates how many different shelters there is, maybe when they grow up they can help spay and neuter, so it would be less and we wouldn’t have to have all the shelters,” Kimberly told Fox26.

Watch the inspiring video below and have a great weekend!