October 4, 2019
Categories: Feel Good Friday

Gracie is an adorable puppy that just happens to be without her two front legs. She gets around by hopping on her back legs, but her owner was concerned that her nubs were getting sore and she might be uncomfortable. So, Tammy Turley set out to find her some affordable options since she was still growing.

She asked the trainer from which Gracie came from if her son had LEGOs and would be interested in building a wheelchair for her. So without any instructions, 12-year-old Dylan got to work. Once she was strapped into her wheels, she was a little confused, but the lure of hot dog bits made her forget all about it.

Now she is able to run around the yard with her siblings. Dylan is currently building Gracie a new wheelchair to use as she grows. Watch the adorable video by The Dodo below and have a great weekend!