November 5, 2019
Categories: Research
Nationwide Fostering Study

Does your shelter have a great field trip program? Are you ready for the next step? Arizona State University (ASU) & Virginia Tech (VT) are currently enrolling shelters that want to implement a sleepover program for science in their Nationwide Fostering Study! Shelters that participate in this study will receive free apprenticeship training from Maddie’s Fund® along with plenty of implementation support, such as checklists, check-in calls and on-site visits with the ASU/VT research team to help get their program off the ground.

“We’re grateful for new shelters and those that are joining us again that want to implement new fostering programs and collecting data about them, so we can learn more about how fostering affects the lives of dogs in animal shelters,” said Dr. Lisa Gunter, Maddie’s Fund® Research Fellow in the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University.

This year alone, the ASU & VT research team has successfully launched 42 field trip & sleepover programs across the country as part of this study.

Learn how your shelter can join their Nationwide Fostering Study