December 3, 2019
Categories: Announcements, Foster Programs

This blog post was originally published in November 2016. We are thrilled that more and more organizations have continued to try short-term fostering!

Looking to give back in a meaningful way this holiday season, while bringing some magic into your heart and home? You’re in luck, because ’tis the season to #FalalaFoster, even for first-timers!

While fostering during the holidays is only a short-term commitment for you, it’s the first step to a second chance for an animal… and it’s often what saves their lives. If you’ve never fostered before, the holidays are the perfect time to give it a try.

To you, it’s getting to experience the joys that a pet brings to a family. To the pet, it’s fostering hope, fostering happiness, and fostering the chance of finding a forever home. It gives them a much-needed break from a shelter environment, allowing them to de-stress and let their true personalities show, and most importantly, learning the power of love. All of which can be critical to them finding a #FalalaForever home.

Interested, but not sure how to get started? Reach out to your local shelter or rescue organizations to see if they have foster programs and ask how you can get started. Each one will be slightly different, but the goal will be the same – saving lives.

You’ll be matched up with a pet that fits with your family and household. Don’t have a big yard? Try fostering a mellow senior pet who’ll make the perfect snuggle buddy! Or maybe you like to run? Foster a dog who can keep up with you and join you outside!

Food and supplies are provided, and if for some reason it doesn’t work out, that’s okay, too! You’ll have a support system with back-up fosters who will be there to help if needed.

If you’re a seasoned foster, you can multiply your impact just by spreading the #FalalaFoster cheer! Share your story on social media. Talk to people and let them know about your experience. Answer the questions and concerns of those thinking about fostering. Above all, let them know that foster caregivers are essential to elevating the standard of care for all animals, and that fostering is a job for everyone!