December 12, 2019
Categories: Research
Woman working on her laptop at home with her cat as an assistant

Over the past few years, the Maddie’s® Fund Idea Lab has been funding numerous projects to help advance the welfare of homeless pets across the country. While we’ve shared some of the findings as we received them (you’ve likely heard of the short-term foster sleepover study by now), we’re excited to finally have the summary results of 39 Maddie’s® Idea Lab research projects all in one place!  

The Maddie’s® Idea Lab Impact page will help you enhance lifesaving, find simple and inexpensive solutions at your organization and simply enlighten you. The studies range in topics from rehoming to breed labeling to foster teams, and much more.

For instance, a pilot study on breed labeling found that the absence of breed information on cage cards resulted in a longer length of stay for dogs. 

Another was Jacksonville Humane Society’s “Home to Home” program, which empowered people surrendering their pets by assisting them with rehoming their pets, negating the need to surrender them. The project provided rehoming support for 678 pets and successfully rehomed 208 pets. 

A study focusing on the policies regarding foster caregivers of those organizations with online orientation and foster caregiver trainings had significantly more foster caregivers. 

We could go on, but we’ll let you peruse at your own pace! 

Read about these and the rest of studies on Maddie’s® Idea Lab Impact. We’ll be adding more as we receive them!