January 14, 2020
Categories: Animal Behavior

This post was originally posted in April of 2017. Our Feline Communications Course was the TOP visited page on our website in 2019 and with kitten season quickly approaching, we wanted to share it again! Join the thousands of people who have learned to speak cat!

Ever wanted to ‘talk to the animals’ like Dr. Dolittle? Now you can! With cats, at least. Introducing our new Feline Communications online course: How to Speak Cat!

Understanding how to read a cat’s body language can help deepen the bond of friendship and make cats more at ease. For cats waiting to be adopted, this means increasing their chances of finding a home. For those who have already found their forever home, it aids us in providing better care for our furry companions.

Do you know what it means when a cat has airplane ears? How about when he or she scratches on something, like curtains or your leg?

Cats use every part of their body to display emotion – all the more reason to become fluent in feline! You’ll find the answers to your questions and much more, including everything you wanted to know about a cat’s vocalization, body language and scenting. Did we mention this self-paced course is free?

How about a pop-quiz? Did you know:

  • Purring actually begins in the brain and is caused by the twitching of a cat’s throat
  • A cat presenting his or her butt (called butt presentation) is their way of greeting you or saying hello. No need to be offended!
  • A cat’s scent organ is located on the roof of the mouth
  • A cat’s whiskers are more than just decoration. They have nerve sensations at the tips that provide sensory feedback, especially at night. Sixth sense, anyone?
  • Unlike humans, chattering — the sound of a cat’s teeth and jaw clicking together — isn’t a sign he or she is cold. It signals excitement, often in response to prey. No need to warm them up!

Now with a show of paws, how many of those did you really know? No matter your score, everyone will benefit from taking the course today. Test your knowledge and learn all about a cat’s vocalization, body language and scenting so you can better communicate with them (and figure out the code for how they own the Internet)!