January 23, 2020
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cuddly dog

When Grand Strand Humane Society (GSHS) in South Carolina applied for an Innovation Grant focusing on alternatives to intake, they achieved that and so much more.  

The idea was simple. When an individual came in to surrender their pet because they couldn’t afford the cost of care, GSHS would help. Services included altering, vaccines, food, heartworm prevention or treatment, specialized care for broken bones or cases treatable by their in-house vet. All of this was done for free or at a reduced price.  

This allowed pets to stay with the people that loved them and kept them out the shelter. Not only were they helping that pet stay with their family, but the family that loved them so much, was able to keep them.  

Now, one of those families collects blankets and newspapers from their neighbors every month and donates them to the shelter. Another held a food-drive at her work and dropped off a carload of food and supplies. These families were so grateful for being able to stay their pet, that they wanted to repay the shelter.  

How great is that?! 

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