January 6, 2020
Categories: #MaddieMonday
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Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe and wonderful end to 2019. Below are some of the highlights you may have missed!

Special Apprenticeship Opportunity! Apply by January 7th
Want to create a robust foster program designed to empower volunteers and fosters to find housing outside of the shelter for the majority of the pets in your shelter or rescue organization’s care? Then Maddie’s Robust Dog and Cat Foster Program Apprenticeship is for you!  Learn More

Maddie’s Pet Forum’s most popular resources of 2019 were…
If you were one of the 4,247 people that joined Maddie’s® Pet Forum in 2019, then you know what an amazing resource it is. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! And shout-out to California for being the most active state on the forum! Three resources stood out from the crowd and were… Learn More

These holiday #FosterExpressChallenge stories will make your heart smile!
As we, at Maddie’s Fund®, reflect on this past year and the #FosterExpressChallenge, we can’t help but smile. As a field, we’ve come a long way. Just a few short years ago, holiday fostering was rare and non-existent at many places. Now, it’s taking the country by storm! We’re so proud of the work you… Learn More

Maddie’s® Pet Forum Featured Topics:
Rescue Transfers? Join the discussion

Efficient Facebook Networking of animals for rescue or adoption Join the discussion

Featured Throwback: This New Year, resolve to start a ‘Dogs Day Out’ program at your animal shelter
A dog named Feathers at Southern Pines Animal Shelter (SPAS) in Mississippi kept getting overlooked by adopters. That is, until she went on a day outing with a volunteer. The organization thought she’d be the perfect dog to trial their new “Dogs Day Out” (DDO) program, and it turns out they were right. Learn More

Want to increase lifesaving?
Connect with us at Maddie’s Pet Forum, use Maddie’s Shelter Compass tool to increase lifesaving success and take advantage of free online training with Maddie’s University!