February 18, 2020
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It may be cold in many parts of the country, but before you know it, spring will have sprung and kitten season will be in full swing. Get ready for those felines now with these resources. This post originally ran in April 2019. 

Kitten season has already arrived for some of you, so we wanted to put some of our best kitten resources all in one place. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back again and again.

Fostering and Socializing Unsocial Kittens Flash Class
This step-by-step Flash Class will tell you everything you need to know about socializing kittens and why it is so important.

Getting kittens into foster homes quickly
This Million Cat Challenge webinar discusses strategies to create an efficient, proactive and organized system for foster care placement for kittens (and beyond!)

Foster caregiver marketing guide
This thorough guide covers everything from bio writing, photography to lifesaving marketing.

How to care for orphaned kittens
Here you will find several short videos that explain bottle feeding, helping your kitten go to the bathroom, bathing, examining an orphaned kitten and weaning your kitten to solid foods.

Recruit foster homes with the help of rescue pugs
We made two short videos with Hamilton Pug and his brother Rufus to help spread the word about the importance of  fostering kittens and to show that dogs and cats can get along!

We have much more on our website, but this will give you a fur-midable start!