March 20, 2020
Categories: Feel Good Friday

During these uncertain times, we’d like to share a little positive news. If there is one good thing coming out of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that more people and animal shelters are getting involved in foster care. Here are a few of those happy stories.

When Norfolk Animal Care Center learned they would have to close temporarily, they put out a plea to their community to adopt and foster. And adopt they did! They cleared out their shelter (and even helped out a neighboring shelter). Most animals were adopted, with the rest going into foster homes. Those who didn’t get a dog or cat, are now on the list to be a foster caregiver. How did they do it? They went live several times and Facebook Live and updated the community about their progress. When you ask, people will show up for you!

Kern County Animal Services faced a similar dilemma when they were told they would also have to close to the public. So they put out a plea on social media for emergency foster homes and announced a drive-thru pick-up event. A steady stream of cars pulled up, awaiting the drop off of their new foster pet. What could be better than driving up and having a dog or cat join you in your car? (Better than tacos, if you ask us).

For those that are fortunate enough to work from home, dogs and cats have been spending more time with their owners (and delighting co-workers with their appearances on conferences calls). Though to be sure, some of the pets probably miss having some alone time.

We’ve also seen multiple shelters put a positive spin on things and try to recruit more foster parents for those who have found themselves with more free time.

Traditional media is also writing about it, telling the public how they can help during this time.

Please stay safe and, again, thank you for all that you do for your communities and pets!