Sometimes even the goofiest or tiniest incentive can get a donor to open up their pocket book. You might be surprised how quickly donations can add up. The best part is, you can enlist your volunteers to help with many of them!

During the webcast Million Cat Challenge webcast, Flattening the kitten curve while spay/neuter is on holda few of these ideas were discussed early on in the presentation and would be easy to implement.

  • Photoshop Fun: A $10 donation will get your pet photoshopped into an adventure. White-water rafting, dining on the Siene River, scaling in the Grand Canyon. Volunteers or staff members can use their skills to rake in some serious dough.
  • Five Dollar Fridays: A simple $5 donation puts the donor in the running to win a gift basket. Easy peasy.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group: In this case, donors make one-time donation of any amount and are then granted access to a Facebook Group that has exclusive videos, photos and other content.
  • Bad Pet Drawings: For a $15 donation, donors were rewarded with a drawing of their pet. Most of drawings were drawn by amateurs (admittedly, most poorly), but that was the fun in it! Two organizations had to cutoff the campaign due to the overwhelming response, but they raised $12,000 and $10,000 all thanks to their “talented” volunteers.

For more fundraising ideas and to hear about these campaigns in more detail, you can skip ahead to 19:00 if you wish.