June 16, 2020
Categories: Conferences

Back in February 2020, national animal welfare leaders met in Austin, TX, for the American Pets Alive! Conference to exchange ideas, tools and solutions that are helping the United States get to no-kill.

In case you missed it, all 60 presentation recordings from the 2020 American Pets Alive! Conference are now available on-demand. Ten of these presentations are focused on reducing shelter intake, which given the current climate, are particularly relevant. Below you will find the presentations that seem especially timely.

Keeping Families Together: The Future of Animal Control
Hear how animal protection units around the country are thinking about what’s next for animal protection. Learn More

Pets are Family: Community Programs to Keep Pets Out of the Shelter
In this presentation, Rebecca Guinn shares innovative ideas for community programs in the country. Leave with ideas to take back to your own community. Learn More

Is Managed Intake Humane?
Two animal shelter leaders from size-able cities present ideas to keep your intake practices focused on serving pets and people. Learn More

What If You Can’t Return Them? When SNR is Not an Option
Learn how you can safely save all the cats, even when SNR isn’t an option. Learn More

When to Bring Them In: Pets That Truly Need Shelter
Learn policies and procedures to implement in your organization and take the guesswork out of bringing animals in and streamline and prioritize the safety and wellness of pets and people. Learn More

We’re on the same team: ACOs and the Future of Animal Protection
This session focuses on how to manage change amongst Animal Control officers and learning how to build teamwork and camaraderie even when things are different and new. Learn More

Check out all ten and let us know what you think!