August 20, 2020
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Orange cat looking at laptop on bed

Is your organization looking for new ways to fundraise? It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted animal shelters and rescue organizations to pivot and evolve in all areas ranging from adoptions to operations – including fundraising. The pandemic has created economic uncertainty for many, so we thought we’d share this free fundraising tool for your organization to implement. ZOOMGIVE is a mobile fundraising platform designed to help nonprofit organizations simplify their fundraising. This platform aims to allow you to connect with donors via their mobile devices to maximize donations. 

Mobile fundraising allows for organizations to engage their donors through a variety of digital tools such as QR codes, text-to-give, online mobile giving and more to raise funds. It also serves as a useful tool to expand your donor community and allows for more consistent and ongoing communication. With many shelter and rescue organizations re-evaluating their budgets, there is no better time to implement mobile fundraising as we continue to strive to meet the needs of people and pets in our communities.  

ZOOMGIVE is free for nonprofit organizations until January 2021! It’s easy to understand, use and manage. Even if your shelter or rescue organization is inundated with the demanding needs of these uncertain times, you can still do it! Try reaching out to your volunteers to find a tech-savvy individual to help your organization navigate this free avenue. 

Ready to start mobile fundraising? Learn more about ZOOMGIVE in their webinar and get started today!