August 13, 2020
Categories: Animal Behavior

When people get frustrated with their pet’s behavior, their bond suffers, and if they can’t figure out how to deal with the issue, they may feel that their only option is to surrender their pet to the shelter.  

In How to Help People Resolve Some Common Behavior Problems and Keep Their Petsfrom Saving Nevada’s Pets Conference: Shelter Leadership and Management 2018, you will learn about behaviors that people struggle with and become better equipped to help repair that human-animal bond that can lead to a surrender.   

Kelley Bollen has a master’s degree in Animal Behavior, is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and is here to help! 

Got a digger? Give them a legal place to dig. Digging is a natural thing to do, so give the dog a place to do it. How about a chewer? Provide them with appropriate chew toys. They chew on your shoes because they smell like you. (Flattered?)  

How about those felines? They’ve got quirks, too. Like not using their litter box. It’s possible the litter was picked for the humans’ liking and not the cats. They generally like soft, unscented litter so you must appease the kitty. Don’t forget to give them privacy.  

Barking, spraying cats and aggressive tiny tigers are also covered.  

 This recording is also available as a MP3 so you can listen on your mobile device while driving, walking, cooking or however you want!