August 25, 2020
Categories: Conference Recordings
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“If you stand still, the bus is going to run you over,” said Joceyln Kessler in Change Can Be Fun! A Simple, Proven Framework Can Help Take the Pain Out of Change2019 ASPCA Maddie’s® Cornell Shelter Medicine Conference session.  

Change is necessary, but doesn’t have to be painful. Often times it is a welcome change, but there is still an adjustment. The importance of being able to articulate the change you want in a couple of sentences is crucial. If you can’t explain the purpose of your change clearly and concisely, that is a red flag Kessler said. 

In the recorded session, Kessler will walk you through the DICE framework of change: Duration (D), Team Performance Integrity (I), Commitment (C), Effort (E).  

According to this framework, it is vital that you have some dissent on your team. You want your team to feel empowered to speak up and raise concerns. You want to course correct early, not six months from now. So, don’t just get your favorites on-board, as tempting as that may be.  

 Change has never been more important. Watch the recording now