September 3, 2020
Categories: Collaboration

Dallas Animal Services (DAS), a Tier 1 pilot shelter in the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) coalition, has recently created a few exciting tools that shows HASS in action. In this guest post, Leah Backo, Public Information Coordinator, shares three HASS examples to spark some inspiration for other animal welfare organizations. 

Created a COVID-19 pet resource guide. DAS recently teamed up with other local organizations and put together this guide to help families who are struggling to care for their pets because of COVID-19. The City of Dallas has been sharing this heavily. We’re hoping it will help people avoid surrendering their pet because of an eviction or other financial hardships due to the virus. The guide is web friendly and clickable so it’s easier for people to access the resources. We also have a printed version that will be an insert in the city’s September water bill, which will reach thousands of Dallas residents. 

Launched Lost Pet Text Support. Our Pet Support team recently launched this awesome text support system for people who’ve lost their pets through a service called “Simple Texting.” We’ve had over 200 people utilize this service in just a couple of weeks! We have this text support available for both English speakers and Spanish speakers. The service essentially auto sends various resources right to your phone to help you find your pet faster. 

Partnered with Meals on Wheels. With this partnership, our Animal Services Officers assist Meals on Wheels participants with pets by offering transportation for the pet to a vet clinic for care. We’re also working to transport pet food to participants in need. 

Want to learn more about HASS? Check out their website to see how you can get involved and join #TheHassLife!