September 15, 2020
Categories: Conference Recordings
Reuniting lost pets with their owners using technology

Animal welfare organizations have been transitioning to a more community-centric model of animal sheltering, including how animal shelters and rescue organizations can support their community reunite with their lost pets. Does your organization offer services to your community that increases return to owner rates AND decreases your intake?  

Do you know the biggest obstacles someone trying to pick up their lost pet faces? Return-to-owner (RTO) expert, Gina Knepp, states that the two barriers blocking reunification are lack of knowledge and lack of convenience. 

“Our responsibility as animal shelters is that pet owners do not give up,” said Knepp in the recorded presentation, Using Technology to Increase Return to Owner, with Bobby Mann at the 2020 American Pets Alive! conference. According to Knepp, the solution to increasing return to owner rates is through the use of technology, such as the Lost2Found program. 

The Lost2Found program is an automated text system that aims to help pet owners find their lost pets. It’s easy to implement and easy to use! Tools are not branded so your animal welfare organization can quite literally duplicate it.  

Helping your community find their lost pets is the number one way to create a positive relationship with your community, so why not implement a text service program? 

With increased return to owner rates, “We can make more empty kennels and more happy reunions.” 

Watch the full recording to learn how to increase your organization’s RTO, and get more lost pets home safely.