October 26, 2020
Categories: #MaddieMonday
Maddie's Weekly Roundup - Kristen Hassen received Maddie Hero Award, Maddie's Fund website and tools are refreshed and more

Below is a brief round-up of new blog posts and resources we’ve added over the past week.

Kristen Hassen receives the 2020 Maddie Hero Award
We’re thrilled to present the 2020 Maddie Hero Award to Kristen Hassen for her innovative ideas, progressive thinking and lifesaving actions. The Maddie Hero Award recognizes and honors the “top dog” in communities that are advancing the welfare of companion animals in the United States in creative and bold ways. The award is presented with… Learn More

Our Maddie’s Fund® website and tools have been refreshed!
We’ve been tidying up to bring you a refreshing experience upon using our website and tools!  You’ll notice a whole new look and feel on our main Maddie’s Fund website that highlights more about who we are, our work, ways for you to learn and connect as well as resources to help increase your lifesaving.… Learn More

The Shelter Animals Count Covid-19 Impact Report for September is out now
Shelter Animals Count is a collaborative nonprofit organization that is home to the national database of sheltered animal statistics. The Covid-19 interactive Impact Dashboard represents organizations voluntarily reporting January – September data for both 2019 and 2020. Learn more

ASPCA® Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference 2020 recordings are now available
For the first time in its 17 year history, this conference was presented entirely online. Featuring twelve free workshops in two tracks – medical and operations – the ASPCA Cornell Maddie’s Shelter Medicine talks are a unique educational opportunity for veterinarians and other animal welfare professionals to learn from highly regarded experts. You can access all of the recordings by creating a single free account within the ASPCA’s learning platform. Learn more

Registration is now open for the AAWA’s Fall 2020 Virtual Conference!
As we move forward together in the “new normal,” leadership and strategic human resource skills will be more vital and necessary than ever. Carefully selected and curated content in this virtual conference is designed to help you build these skills so you can guide your teams not only through the pandemic, but to thrive during and long after it has receded. This year’s conference will take place from December 1 – December 3, 2020. Register Now

ASPCA Disaster Response – Request for Proposals
The ASPCA is inviting proposals for funding from authorized disaster response agencies providing direct support to companion animals, equines and their owners in communities currently or recently impacted by or at high-risk for catastrophic natural disasters. The application closes Monday, November 2 at 11am PT/2 pm ET. Learn more

Join Maddie’s® Instructor Summits!
The AmPA! weekly Maddie’s® Instructor Summit offers shelters and rescues a chance to talk through the most current animal sheltering challenges! You’ll join the instructors from Maddie’s® Lifesaving Academy, as well as other industry leaders, but, more importantly, you’ll be able to engage face to face (digitally!) with people like you every Friday afternoon. Topics will change each week. Register Now

Weekly National Calls
Maddie’s Fund hosts an hour-long Zoom call twice a week. While these calls started out as a response to COVID-19, it’s grown into so much more. These calls are a safe place to discuss uncomfortable topics, all while sharing a common goal of preserving the human-animal bond. Learn More

Want to help keep more people and pets together?
Connect with us at Maddie’s® Pet Forum, use Maddie’s® Shelter Compass tool to increase lifesaving success and take advantage of free online training with Maddie’s® University!