February 25, 2021
Categories: Foster Programs

Whether you want to grow your animal organization’s foster program or just keep your already robust program humming along, you must make it easy for caregivers to start! That’s the overwhelming theme from this American Pets Alive! Conference session recording from 2019.  

In the conference session recording, High Volume Foster Programs for Cats and Dogsyou will learn how Austin Pets Alive! and Austin Animal Center run their respective programs.  

Monica FrendenMaddie’s®  Director of Feline Lifesaving at American Pets Alive! stresses the importance of making it easy for the community to foster. She says that as an industry, [we] have to stop making it difficult to help us and online signup is one part of that. People want to do it in their pajamas, on their couch, watching Netflix. If you have a note on your website that says “call for more information,” Frenden says, ain’t no one calling you for more information, right?” People want the information now and don’t want to talk to another person, she says. She also stresses the idea of forgoing in-person orientations. Adopters aren’t required to sit through an hour-long presentation, so why should fosters conveys Frenden 

In this presentation, you’ll also hear about why Austin Animal Center sends out their “easy” dogs to foster homes and how they present more challenging dogs to their foster caregivers.  

Watch High Volume Foster Programs for Cats and Dogs now.