March 16, 2021
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The No Place Like Home Challenge is halfway over and the success stories are already in. 

Over on Maddie’s Pet Forum, several Challenge participants have been sharing what’s been working for them. Please, share your successes and ideas, too! While the Challenge is a fun competition, the ultimate goal is to get more pets back home.   

Carla M Stroud, Shelter Director at Tri-Lake Humane Society in Saranac Lake, NY, detailed a story about the adventurous cat Moo Moo, who slipped out of his harness while on a hike. The shelter shared him on their social media channels, posted to their NEW lost pet page on their website and directed his owner to all the resources they had. “Moo Moo’s mom utilized the resources from our page, created flyers, borrowed a live trap from us, and was able to communicate with other people who were out looking,” Stroud shared.   

Thankfully, Moo Moo was returned safely! “His mom even wrote to us to let us know that the support she had during such a terrible nightmare was actually a beautiful experience,” Stroud added.  

Thanks to a microchip over in North Carolina, Felix the cat is now resting at home after being away for four years! Stephanie Aull from Foothills Humane Society said Felix was scanned upon intake and was reunited with his very happy owner.  

This success story has inspired Foothills Humane Society to promote microchipping, especially for cats and will later this month host a free cat microchip clinic. Additionally, they are now offering free microchips to all animals when they return home.  

Lastly, Emily Klehm from South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights, IL, shared a simple yet effective Found Pet sign. The signs are placed near the lost pet pickup spot by volunteers and has already resulted in a couple of reunions.  

If you haven’t already, be sure to join the No Place Like Home Challenge group and share a win or an idea or simply ask for help!