April 6, 2021
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What does it mean when a cat flicks her tail around? Or starts making biscuits on your leg? What about airplane ears? 

You’ll learn all this and more in How to Speak Cat, our feline communications online course. And now as an added bonus, the course has been approved for 2.00 hours of Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits by the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement. 

You can learn a lot about a cat, just by observing their behavior. You’ll learn when it’s okay to pet a cat and when to just give her some alone time. You’ll become fluent in feline in this 70-minute self-paced course. Which means you can complete the course at your leisure.  

So, hurry up meow and learn all about a cat’s vocalization, body language and scenting so you can better communicate with them. After all, we are just here to serve them, right?