May 13, 2021
Categories: Announcements, Events

Join us Tuesday, May 25 for an open, informal 30-minute conversation and Q+A with Dr. Jyothi V. Robertson, President and Founder of JVR Shelter Strategies. The chat will begin at 12n Pacific / 3pm Eastern.

In her well-established career, Dr. Robertson has consulted on organizational structure and processes in the animal welfare field. Internationally recognized as a specialist in shelter medicine, she examines societal and race dynamics that influence policy choices that impact access to veterinary care and the overall success of lifesaving efforts.

Her most recent passion project has been the development of Journey You Own, a platform for weaving spirituality and awareness through highlighting social injustice, animal welfare, the climate crisis, and education reform.

In this discussion with Maddie’s Fund Executive Leadership Team member Mary Ippoliti-Smith, Dr. Robertson postulates how different fields (environment, education, etc.) are interwoven, and that relying on an animal-centric focus keeps us from examining some of the systemic, root causes of the issues we face. Her focus on how to bring new conversations to animal welfare that lead to more diversity, inclusion, equity will offer a fresh perspective on how an individual may face multiple types of overlapping discrimination and how that affects our work and success.

Afterwards, continue the conversation with Dr. Robertson on Maddie’s Pet Forum.

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