July 15, 2021
Categories: Apprenticeships

Are you looking to acquire some new skills this summer? We have six online apprenticeships that will suit anyone’s needs! The application period for these apprenticeships ends tomorrow, Friday, July 16. Seats are limited, so don’t miss out! 

Whether lost pets are your passion, fostering gets you excited or shelter clinic management is your thing, we think just about anyone can benefit from these online apprenticeships. Each apprenticeship is four weeks long and is made up of a combination of self-paced learning and four 90-minute weekly Zoom meetings with your instructor. 

Read on to learn more about each opportunity. 

Feline Lifesaving
Learn how to create and manage essential cat programs, lead staff and volunteers to accomplish goals and work as effectively as possible with limited resources. With the engaging Monica Frenden, Maddie’s Director of Feline Lifesaving at American Pets Alive! at your side, your live outcomes are surely to increase.

A New Model for Shelter Care: Replacing Kennels with Foster Homes
Does placing 50% or more of your shelter pets into foster homes seem like a dream? Make “high volume” foster care a reality with Kelly Duer, Foster Care Specialist at Maddie’s Fund at the helm.

Shelter Clinic Management 
Do you want to learn how to balance quality care with caring for a large volume of animals? Do you want to ensure each animal in your care receives the medical care and kindness they deserve? Join Jordana Moerbe, Maddie’s Medical Program Advisor at American Pets Alive!, for this essential course.

Lost Pet Reunification
Industry leaders now recognize pet reunification programming as at least equal in importance to adoption programming. Innovations in lost pet reunification have exploded during the pandemic and continue to emerge every day. Join Rory Adams, Maddie’s® Training and Education Manager; Bobby Mann, Maddie’s® Human Animal Support Services Pilot Director; and Faith Wright, Maddie’s® Shelter Management Advisor for this important course. 

Field Trip and Sleepover Foster
Is your organization looking to save the lives of more adult dogs? Do you have a brick and mortar shelter?  You’ll learn how to create and run several types of short-term foster programs that will provide your dogs with enrichment, get them seen, give you great marketing material, and expand your foster caregiver base. This apprenticeship is taught by Linda Batten, Foster Manager, Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.

Managing Shelter Health
Are you a shelter director, manager or involved with the healthy flow of animals from intake to adoption? In this apprenticeship you will learn how to integrate shelter management and shelter medicine best practices in your own organization to improve the quality of care and save more lives. This apprenticeship is taught by the shelter health team at Charleston Animal Society: Dr. Lucy Fuller, Dr. Margaret Morris, Abby Appleton, Becca Boronat and Ms. Pearl Sutton.

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