August 9, 2021
Categories: #MaddieMonday

Happy Monday! Below is a brief roundup of resources added over the past week.

5 strategies for keeping your foster base strong
It happens everywhere: foster caregivers fall in love with a pet they’re fostering, and some are unable to continue fostering after they adopt. In fact, research shows that nearly half of foster caregivers end up adopting their foster pet at some point.  This can be a great thing, since knowing how the pet behaves in one’s home… Learn More

Data tells a story: Enter your Shelter Animals Count data!
Data tells an invaluable story, which is why today is why we are reminding you to please input your Shelter Animals Count (SAC) data! Data has enabled our industry to compile a complete picture of the animals entering and leaving shelters. You can see how your data compares to those in other states or look… Learn More

Join us for the Maddie’s® Candid Conversation with Dr. Lila Miller
In a career spanning 42 years, Dr. Miller transformed the lives of countless pets, developing the first veterinarian-written guidelines for shelter animal care, which are now used in shelters across the country to ensure the humane treatment of shelter pets. Join us on August 24 to hear more from this amazing woman.  Register Now

Grant opportunities
PetcoLove: Love Stories grant
Rachael Ray Grant Cycle 2022: You must be a Best Friends Network partner to apply. Learn More

From Human Animal Support Services: How to get the media’s attention
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control shares tips for getting your shelter’s stories told. Read More

New webcast: Language that harms cats – August 18 at 12:00 PM PT
How we talk about cats can influence public attitudes and behavior, so it is important to consider the words, images and stories we use – particularly when we are trying to change the way the public views and responds to our work. Register Now

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