December 14, 2021
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With just under four weeks left of the Open Arms Challenge, we hope participating organizations are hitting their stride! But, if you could use a little encouragement, look no further than the Open Arms Challenge group on Maddie’s® Pet Forum. (Even if you are not participating, you may want to join the group to help others!)

One way to be more open and inclusive is offering your different materials (adoption application, signage in your lobby, return to home flyers) in multiple languages. Frances Alford, Director of Its Meow or Never for Ferals shared they approached Spanish teachers at their local colleges for translation assistance.

You can also check out the changes that Foothills Animal Shelter made to their adoption application, how you can help people and their pets over the phone, and read about the basics of busting barriers.

Be sure to head on over to the Open Arms Challenge group to share your wins, obtain support or just meet the (friendly) competition!