January 11, 2022
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Join us on Thursday, January 20 at 12PM PT / 3PM ET for a special edition of Maddie’s® Candid Conversations.

We will be joined by James Evans, founder of Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE), and Jennifer Evans, CARE’s Chief Operating Officer for an informal 60-minute conversation and Q+A.

With a mission to amplify BIPOC voices to promote human and animal well-being, the team at CARE acts to create equitable experiences with a multidisciplinary approach focused on addressing unconscious and hidden biases. They are inspired to rethink and rebuild animal welfare in a way that honors and reflects the well-being of all people.

In this discussion with Maddie’s Fund® Executive Leadership Team member Mary Ippoliti-Smith, James and Jennifer relate their personal journeys to their current focus on underserved BIPOC communities throughout the country, and how helping to build and assist human and animal related organizations is core to their own experiences and beliefs.

Register now for the event and join us afterwards on Maddie’s® Pet Forum to continue the conversation.