January 4, 2022
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How would you like to hang out with your fellow colleagues for an hour each week AND be eligible to win a giveaway from Maddie’s Fund?!

Starting in this month, that is exactly what Maddie’s Fund will be doing on the Monday Shelter and Rescue Support call and the Friday Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup call. We’ve heard that these calls have been invaluable to so many of you. And, now, they are going to get even better!

If you’re not already registered for the calls, please do so now. And if you are registered, please extend your calendar entries through 2022.

  • Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup call on Fridays, starting 1/7/22, 8am PT/11am ET
    This call is primarily for executive directors and animal welfare leaders
    Friday Registration
  • Shelter and Rescue Support call on Mondays, starting 1/10/22, 8am PT/11am ET
    This call is primarily for shelter workers, volunteers and rescue organizations
    Monday Registration
  • If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to Maddie’s Pet Forum, where you can continue these conversations afterwards. Recordings of the calls, chat transcripts (a lot happens in the chat!) and resources shared during the calls are posted after each meeting.