March 15, 2022
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Have you been to Maddie’s® Pet Forum lately? The online hub for animal welfare professionals is the place to go to ask questions, give advice, share a success story and network with others in the field. You’ll likely find someone who has been where you have been, and who can impart their learnings onto you.

Whether you have advice to give or have the same question yourself, here’s a round-up of some recent posts. We’d love if you’re contribute or share your successes with your peers!

Volunteer trainings
With covid restrictions being lifted around much of the country, are you resuming in-person volunteer trainings? Or are you keeping it virtual, or maybe a hybrid of both?

To Tik or not to Tok?
With social media platforms abound, should you add another one to your organizations list? Should TikTok be on it?

Press release service
How does your organization get the word out about your latest program, grant or success story? Which press release service do you use?

Foster t0 surrender solutions?
How do you ensure that your foster to surrender pets don’t get lost in the shuffle (especially with kitten season around the corner!)

Indoor mask mandates
As we move into another phase of the pandemic, how are you handling masking? Will you still require them indoors? Will you allow owners to be with their pets during exams? Are curbside services still happening? Please share how your organization is handling this.