April 28, 2022
Categories: Grants

Last week, Maddie’s Fund awarded a $1.7 million grant to Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE). This three-year grant will support the expansion of their CARE Centers by adding five to ten centers each year.

CARE is a national nonprofit whose mission is to prioritize and amplify Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) voices using narratives, research, and community-centered investments. Using this multidisciplinary approach, CARE seeks to inspire all organizations to be more inclusive and less biased in an effort to keep families, including their pets, together.

“Equity is the outcome we seek for all communities,” said James Evans, CEO and founder of CARE. “Thanks to Maddie, CARE will expand its CARE Center model focused on work with proximate leaders, who have meaningful relationships with marginalized communities who seek to keep pets with their families. CARE Centers assist in creating workforce development opportunities that are created by and for the community, placing value on their wisdom.”

CARE Centers are networks of individuals and organizations working within their communities, who are already doing this important work. CARE’s intention is to partner with community leaders to add pet wellness and resources. The CARE Center model creates sustainable community-led networks by using a human and animal well-being model in an effort to keep pets home and uplift their human companions.

“We are proud to continue our support of CARE and the CARE Centers,” said Mary Ippoliti-Smith, Maddie’s Fund’s Executive Leadership Team. “Striving for equity and providing communities with the resources and tools they need to care for their pets will have a direct impact on keeping pets and people together.”

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