April 25, 2022
Categories: #MaddieMonday

Happy Monday! Below is a brief roundup of resources added over the past week.

Are you registered for the National Calls?
We are three months in to the grant giveaways during the National Calls, and we’ve only just begun! If you’re not already familiar, these Monday and Friday calls started early in the pandemic, as a way to come together when we had to be apart. They have grown to be a lifeline for many, with… Learn More

Coming soon: Summer online apprenticeships from Maddie’s Fund®
Applications for the apprenticeships will begin being accepted on May 16, 2022 and end on May 20, 2022. View the offerings to see if any are right for you.

Yes, you can get bonded pairs adopted!
Learn how Pima Animal Care Center piloted this program in this blog from Human Animal Support Services.

Want to help keep more people and pets together?
Join Maddie’s® Mailing List, connect with us at Maddie’s® Pet Forum and take advantage of free online training with Maddie’s® University!