May 10, 2022
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Kick summer off right with one of these seven online apprenticeships. Learn all about ringworm, foster field trips or lost pet reunification. Each apprenticeship is four weeks long and is made up of a combination of self-paced learning and four 90-minute weekly Zoom meetings with your instructor.

Read on to learn more about the apprenticeships and mark your calendar for the May 16-20 application window. Seats are limited, so don’t miss out!

48 Hour Assistance: Lost Pet Reunification
Typically, pets don’t wander too far from home, so the chances are that someone is looking for them close to where they were found. In this apprenticeship program you will learn how to create a program that allows lost pet finders to file a report, hold animals, post photos, and reunite pets with their people without leaving their neighborhood. One of the most important first steps in community-focused animal services is launching your 48 hour practice. This apprenticeship will give you a detailed, easy to use guide for implementation, how to’s on customer service-based staff training, knowledge of efficient data collection and program evaluation measurements, and resources needed to successfully communicate internally and externally. Learn how to help your staff and volunteers understand why you’re expanding your services and how they can be a part of it.

Human Animal Support Services (HASS): Rehoming, Reunification, Pathways, and Community Support
Transform your organization into a space that is committed to community collaboration, supports the bond of people and animals, and houses most pets in homes, not kennels. This apprenticeship will introduce you to the four “pathway elements” of HASS: Self-Supported Rehoming, Lost Pet Reunification, Intake to Placement, and Pet Support Services. Learn why the community-focused model is so critical, hear from guest speakers who are making meaningful change happen in their organizations and communities, and take with you the high-level messages, tools, and training materials to start putting great ideas into practice.

Feline Lifesaving
Learn how to create and grow multiple coordinated shelter programs that will result in more cat adoptions and increased feline lifesaving. In this advanced level apprenticeship course, students will learn how to create and manage essential cat programs, lead staff and volunteers to accomplish goals and be as effective as possible with limited resources. The course is taught by Monica Frenden-Tarant, Chief Innovation Officer: Feline Lifesaving at Cincinnati Animal CARE and The Joanie Bernard Foundation.

Ringworm Detection, Treatment and Management
Ringworm is not a fatal disease unless it shows up at a shelter that is unprepared. In this apprenticeship you’ll learn how your shelter can detect and cure ringworm infections and avoid an outbreak through proper management. The apprenticeship is taught by Laura Mullen, CAWA, who founded the SPORE (Shelters Preventing Outbreaks of Ringworm through Education) program at the San Francisco SPCA, which has helped 83 shelters in 24 states start or improve their ringworm programs.

A New Model for Shelter Care: Replacing Kennels with Foster Homes
Are you interested in caring for the majority of your organization’s pets in foster homes? In this advanced level apprenticeship, students will learn how to create the infrastructure needed to support a greatly expanded foster program, how you can enable staff from every area of your shelter to work together toward this common goal and strategies for engaging your community in fostering. You’ll also learn about creating and growing foster programs for adult dogs. This will be taught by Kelly Duer, Foster Care Specialist at Maddie’s Fund®.

Short-term Foster and Field Trips
Is your organization looking to save the lives of more adult dogs? Do you have a brick-and-mortar shelter? Then this apprenticeship is for you. You’ll learn how to create and run several types of short-term foster programs that will provide your dogs with enrichment, get them seen, give you great marketing material, and expand your foster caregiver base. Programs covered include field trips, overnights and emergency foster care. This is taught by Linda Batten, Foster Manager at Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.

Shelter Clinic Management
Want to learn how to treat more animals and save more money? This apprenticeship will teach you to systematize medical treatment and implement lifesaving protocols in your shelter’s medical clinic, balancing quality care with the capacity to care for a large volume of animals. Learn how to manage a busy shelter clinic through effective communication and telemedicine, proper staffing, and the triage of contagious diseases. This course is taught by Jordana Moerbe, Practice Manager at Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Vets and past Maddie’s Medical Program Director at American Pets Alive!