June 9, 2022
Categories: Continuing Education

Looking to add more pet support services for your community? Maddie’s® University’s free, self-paced course, Pet Support Services, is for you!

By offering pet support services, you will help keep pets with their families and out of your shelter. Pet Support Services programs are not hard to implement; you can start by retraining your current intake staff and giving your field officers the tools and training they need. You can scale your program as you listen to your community members, discover the gaps in your current services, and collect data about services rendered and intake diverted (and money saved).

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Explain how a successful Pet Support Services program benefits your organization in addition to the community
  • Collect and analyze detailed data around reasons for pet relinquishment
  • Identify existing resources for keeping families and pets together both within your organization and outside of it and find gaps in resources
  • Partner with other organizations providing community support
  • Know where to find training and support for in-shelter and field staff
  • Create job descriptions for pet support positions
  • Create pet retention resources for your staff and community
  • Collect and analyze data on pet support services provided and intakes diverted

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