June 6, 2022
Categories: #MaddieMonday

Happy Monday! Below is a brief roundup of resources added over the past week.

How to improve your animal welfare organization’s presence, and why it matters
Does your organization show up in a Google search? To answer this question, it would depend on what the search was. With the majority of people using Google to search online, it’s important to understand what they’re searching as it pertains to your organization, and even more importantly, for your organization to show up in… Learn More

These free communication kits will help you get the word out about fostering, space crises and more
This is a guest post written by Human Animal Support Services and HeARTs Speak. When you share your organization’s support for keeping people and pets together, it helps spread awareness of new kinds of safety net support available to members of your community—while also helping to redefine the role of animal services and reduce judgment… Learn More

Dog and cat behavior and training resources at your fingertips!
Need a specific resource on behavior or training? Or maybe you have some to share? Either way, Maddie’s® Pet Forum May resource drive is for you! This month, the focus is on dog and cat behavior or training resources. You’ll find resources for animals while in your shelter/rescue organization’s care and separate folders with resources… Learn More

Want to place 50% or more of your pets in foster homes? Take a comprehensive approach to foster recruitment
This post originally ran in March 2021. We are republishing today because we think it’s as relevant as ever!  Traditionally in many shelters, only select pets have been eligible for foster care. Those sent to foster homes have typically been neonates and pets with medical needs. Due to lack of time and the seasonal nature… Learn More

Best Friends Animal Society introduces paid family leave benefit
“We take care of animals each and every day, so it’s a no-brainer that we should be taking care of our people and giving them the ability to take care of their families when they need them, too.” – Julie Castle, Best Friends CEO. Read More

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