June 27, 2022
Categories: #MaddieMonday

Happy Monday! Below is a brief roundup of resources added over the past week.

How one rescue organization is using stipends to find foster homes for dogs who are harder to place
Dogs and cats who need to be the only pet in the home can be difficult to find placement for in adoptive and foster homes. This can result in longer shelter stays while a home is sought that fits their needs. While finding home-based placement more quickly for these pets is a common conundrum among… Learn More

In animal welfare, how can we respond more and react less? Dr. Jyothi Robertson explains
Working in a mission-driven field like animal welfare, where we give so much of ourselves to pets and people, makes taking care of ourselves that much more important. The ways we can practice self-care are endless, from exercising, listening to music, being outside, talking with friends, watching a good movie and of course, playing with… Learn More

THIS WEEK: Length of Stay – A Whole-Shelter Solution
Wednesday, June 29 at 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET
The Jacksonville Humane Society’s strategic, data-driven approach has succeeded in lowering the length of stay for dogs to 11 days and cats to 17 days (including foster care). Learn how to assemble your own Long Stay Task Force during this free webcast. Register Now

Register now for The Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge
Compete for $150,000 in grant prizes in this unique online fundraising campaign. Learn More

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