August 30, 2022
Categories: Announcements, Continuing Education

Ready to get more pets back home? In preparation for the Return to Home Challenge, every Wednesday during the month of September, there will be a 50-minute Zoom Huddle at 12pm PT/3pm ET around two specific Return to Home practices. You can register now (and once) for all four huddles.

Each Zoom Huddle will consist of 20-minute presentations from peers involved in Return to Home programs at their animal shelter or rescue organization. This will be followed by 30-minute Q&A. Topics will coincide with the Return to Home practices.

You only have to register once to sign up for all of the huddles. You do not have to be a participant in the challenge to join! We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, September 7
Topic: All animals in the community have identification / Animals are returned in the field rather than at the shelter
Speakers: Bobby Mann (Humane Rescue Alliance) and Adan Parra (El Paso Animal Services)

Wednesday, September 14
Topic: Return to Home polices and lost/found techniques are marketed to the community / Technology is used to help reunite pets and owners
Speakers: Scotty Graham (Oakland Animal Services), Aldwin Roman, CAWA (Charleston Animal Society) and Stefani Buzzard (Contra Costa County Animal Services)

Wednesday, September 21
Topic: Organization embraces a culture of Return to Home / Organization works with community to help facilitate Return to Homes
Speakers: Dyanna Uchiek (Portsmouth Humane) and Amanda Gatten (KC Pet Project)

Wednesday, September 28
Topic: Regulations and laws encourage Return to Home / Other
Speakers: Glenda Davis (Animal Rez-Q, Inc.) and Mike Wheeler (Cabot Animal Support Services)

Register now (and once) for all four huddles.