August 25, 2022
Categories: Continuing Education

Are you an animal well-being professional looking to expand your shelter’s reach and engage with new community members while generating additional revenue? A humane education programs allow you to do all of these things with the added benefit of creating a more compassionate community! You’ll learn everything you need to know in the upcoming Online Instructor-Led Course from Maddie’s® University. You can apply until August 31! 

In just one month, you’ll learn about the tools and techniques needed to garner support from your organization, create programs that fit your needs and get tips and tricks to get you started right away. If you are already facilitating humane education programs, you’ll dive into specific games, lessons, program details and ways to continue to amplify your audience. Topics include: safety and liability, marketing, funding opportunities, resources at your disposal, incorporating animal ambassadors, how to measure your success and more.   

The course meets Thursdays, 3:00 PM ET, starting September 29th and is taught by De Daltorio, Chief Education Officer, Heather Grogan, Director of Humane Education, and Kylie Wiest, Humane Education Manager, at Charleston Animal Society. 

Former students share how invaluable this course was for them. Students leave feeling excited and ready to implement programs at their own shelter.  

One former student said, “I love how willing the Charleston Animal Society team is to share their resources with other shelters; implementing a program feels a lot less intimidating when you have tips, tricks, and even an existing SOP you can use to get started. They are incredibly supportive group!” While another said they really enjoyed learning about the activities, camps, and programs offered for children under 10 years old. “There is a lot of concern about having younger kids at our shelter and they had a lot of great suggestions for safely including them and teaching at an appropriate level for kids that age.” 

And sometimes, the most helpful sections are not the most glamorous. One student shared they were grateful for the “Nitty Gritty” section. “There are so many little things to consider from liability waivers to actually building the programs and I found that most of the things brought up in this section where things I had not even thought of yet.” Another said the most helpful part was hearing from other Humane Educators how they handle certain situations or difficult topics and how they approach leadership for new ideas. 

No matter where you need help, you’re sure to leave inspired and at-the-ready with activities and lesson ideas that you can begin implementing immediately.  

Maddie’s® University has nine Online Instructor-Led Courses available. View all and apply by the August 31st deadline!