September 29, 2022
Categories: Announcements

We are excited to debut a new look and feel for the Maddie’s® Pet Forum community!

When you log in to your Maddie’s® Pet Forum account, you will now be redirected to your new activity feed homepage. This new homepage makes it easy for you to access all the things that are important to you like discussions and resources you follow, a quick way to navigate to communities/groups that you are a member of and a streamlined feed that shows you all recent discussions, events, and resources that have been shared.

“Since our launch in 2017, our foremost goal has been to make Maddie’s® Pet Forum an invaluable resource for the animal welfare field,” said Kim Domerofski, Community Manager of Maddie’s® Pet Forum.  “To that end, we continually listen to our forum member feedback and strive for ways to improve our members’ experience on the site. We are thrilled to share our updated forum look including a more intuitive design that makes it even easier for members to quickly find what they’re looking for and surface resources that are important to them.”

Not a member yet? Join today! One member shares, “What I most enjoy about Maddie’s® Pet Forum is that it provides an opportunity and space for people all over the country within the animal welfare industry to connect. With collaboration, animal welfare organizations can learn new things from each other and build lasting relationships with one another. This collaboration is essential to the industry and allows shelter members to get new ideas and strategies for programs, resources, fundraising, and much more.”

Another shares that ”Great moderators, informative presentations/access to presentations in the forum after the events, respectful discussion even when folks do not have the same goals or opinions,” is what keeps them coming back.

We encourage you to explore the new look and you can use this thread to share any comments or issues.