November 17, 2022
Categories: Collaboration

To address the root causes that lead to many animal well-being issues, we need to look beyond shelter walls, (literally and figuratively) and connect with the community at large. This means partnering with food pantries, youth organizations, domestic violence shelters, and more. The Community Partnerships Toolkit from Human Animal Support Services will help you establish partnerships with a multitude of organizations in your community.

This toolkit is just one of the 16 professional resources for implementing the Human Animal Support Services model of animal sheltering. The toolkits and resources have been created in collaboration with the HASS Project Working Groups, Pilot Shelters, and HASS/American Pets Alive! staff. 

Ultimately, the goal of the Community Partnerships Toolkit is to better support pets and people where they live. By partnering with human and environmental organizations, the animal well-being industry as a whole expands its reach and influence. 

This toolkit will help with the following:

  • Determine the goals of the partnerships
  • Make a list of potential partnerships
  • Set up a meeting with a possible partner
  • Pilot the new partnership

View the full toolkit to get started on creating impactful partnerships.