May 23, 2023
Categories: Foster Programs

When it comes to successful foster care programs at animal shelter or rescue organizations, there are many areas to consider. What does an organization that successfully integrates foster into the whole organization look like? How do organizations with robust foster programs onboard their new foster caregivers? What does successful foster training and support look like? All of these questions and more are answered in free, online self-paced courses on Maddie’s® University.

To make it easier for you, your staff and volunteers, we’ve created foster resource collections, where you can find everything foster-related by the following sub-topics:

  • Foster Caregiver Onboarding Collection
  • Foster Medical Support Collection
  • Foster Caregiver Training and Support Collection
  • Foster Program Management Collection
  • Foundations of Foster Programming Collection
  • Adoption from Foster Homes Collection
  • Foster Caregiver Engagement and Appreciation Collection
  • Foster Caregiver Recruitment Collection
  • Marketing Pets from Foster Homes Collection
  • Integrating Foster into the Whole Organization Collection

“The foster resource collections were created as a way to help shelter and rescue organizations improve their foster programs,” said Kelly Duer, Senior Community Solutions Specialist at Maddie’s Fund®. “We broke down foster into 10 broad topics. Each collection contains an overview of what the ideal program might look like in this area, relevant Maddie’s® University courses, guides for making improvements in this area and some templates and examples that real-life shelters and rescue organizations are using.”

View all of the foster resource collections today!