May 9, 2023
Categories: Continuing Education

Is your animal organization working to become more community-centric and need a little help? Maddie’s® University now offers Human Animal Support Services (HASS) curriculum, covering the most important concepts of the community-centric model. From lost pet reunification, pet support services, intake to placement, and creating a foster-facing medical clinic, the curriculum starts with a brief introduction to the HASS model and then dives into each element. It’s free to enroll and you can take the courses at your own pace.

“The Human Animal Support Services project reimagines a world where the human and animal welfare industries work together to serve people and pets in need,” said Vincent Medley, Maddie’s® Director of Human Animal Support Services. “Preserving and prioritizing the human-animal bond is at our core through a new, social services perspective. These courses show how to implement these strategies in your local community.”

By providing both private and municipal community shelters with equitable access to innovative and data-driven resources, education and tools, HASS aims to create a movement of unified support systems for pets and their people.

“At the heart of HASS is connection. We aim to ensure people working in animal and human service organizations have individualized support to promote their physical, mental and emotional well-being,” Medley continued. “Knowing there is no supporting pets without people, we honor the work of all human and animal welfare professionals and strive to provide the industry-resources needed to support one another as we work toward the common goal of saving animals and supporting local communities.”

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