June 1, 2023
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You may have seen the trend of “bad” (or in some cases, good) pet portraits from animal well-being (welfare) organizations on social media. For those unfamiliar with it, a donation is made and in return, a portrait of the donors’ pet is drawn. How good the portrait is depends on the artist assigned to it.

Last month, Maddie’s® Pet Forum Resource Drive focused on fundraising ideas. The “bad pet portrait” was mentioned by several organizations as a successful concept for them. Motley Zoo Animal Rescue participated in a community-wide fundraising in Seattle, and its hook was “give big, get bad.” Executive Director, Jme Thomas shared that with matching, the organization raised $50,000 over two days. After a donation, a “questionably talented” volunteer will draw a portrait. How good that portrait is is anyone’s guess. Which is part of the fun! Thomas shared that they use a combination of Google spreadsheets and a private Facebook group to fulfill the renderings. To drum up more interest, a quick turnaround is key so these portraits can be shared and word can be spread. Thomas adds that this is a great activity for kids to get involved and it’s a great angle to share with members of the media.

If you’re looking for the results of a similar fundraising, Jasmina Sumanovic shared “Awkward Pet Portraits” fundraiser that Friends for Life Animal Shelter held last year. Though looking through this thread, the quality of these portraits are great!

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