October 31, 2023
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Last year, Maddie’s Fund®, The Ad Council and The Humane Society of the United States launched, Pets and People Together,” a fully integrated public service announcement (PSA) campaign, to inspire pet lovers everywhere to #BeAHelper. Ninety-seven percent of pet owners consider their pet to be family. At any given time, anyone may experience a crisis that can temporarily impact their ability to care for their pets. 

This campaign highlights that the best place for pets is with their people, and that communities have a vital role to play in preserving the human-pet bond. People who understand the value of pets in people’s lives may not be aware of the ways they can help keep pets and people together. Whether it’s reuniting lost pets with their owners, donating pet supplies or funds for pet owners in need, or offering short or long-term fostering, people can help keep pets and their people together. These actions ensure both pets and people are able to continue to benefit from the unique and powerful bond they share. 

The three video PSAs feature touching stories about individuals and their pets. “Muse” unveils how financial donations from “helpers” can keep pets and people together through unexpected hardship. 

Visit PetsAndPeopleTogether.org to view the stunning PSAs and share them with your community.