October 24, 2023
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Join Professor Katja M. Guenther on Thursday, November 9, 2023 at 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET for the latest Maddie’s® Insights installment, Strategies for Challenging Ableism in Companion Animal Welfare.

Many animal shelters and rescues unwittingly perpetuate ableism through their engagements with disabled animals, even when they are trying to help these animals. In this session, we will explore how animal shelters and rescues contribute to problematic representations of disability and engage in practices that harm these animals. We will explore strategies for challenging ableism and better serving disabled animals.

Guenther’s research focuses on gender, social movements, human-animal relationships, and the state. Her work centers on improving our understanding of how and why inequalities of gender, race, class, dis/ability, and species reproduce so reliably, and what we can do to challenge these inequalities. She is best known in the animal well-being community as the author of The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals.

By the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
1. Define ableism and the dis/ability system
2. Recognize ableist representations of animals and people
3. Identify and rework personal or organizational practices that support ableism to support better outcomes for disabled animals

Earn continuing education credit from The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement and by the National Animal Care & Control Association and in jurisdictions which recognize Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) approval.

Register now for the webcast. Even if you can’t attend live, a link to the recording will be emailed to you.