January 23, 2024
Categories: Webcasts

Maddie’s® Insights is a monthly webcast that shares research to help you in your work, with a focus on practical tips and applications of that research. Having begun in September 2022, there is an abundance of previous webcasts for you to peruse and well as well as an exciting future lineup! You can register for Maddie’s® Insights now. 

These webcasts also offer the opportunity for continuing education credit:  Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA), National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA), and the Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE). 

Mark your calendars for these upcoming talks:

February 8: Dr. Lisa Gunter’s will discuss the latest research about the impact of foster care on dog welfare. Post webcast, be sure to check out the discussion on Maddie’s Pet Forum. 

March 14: Greg Miller and Debra Olmedo will examine their research on increasing engagement in kitten fostering programs.

April 11: Lexis Ly will delve into her research about diverting dog and cat shelter intake.  

May 9: Dr. Sara Bennett and Jamirelis Carrero will share their research about the impact of using treat buckets on shelter dog behavior.  

Additionally, there is an archive of 12 previous webcasts that you can watch on-demand! The wide-ranging topics include Short Term Foster Programs for Shelter Cats, Strategies for Challenging Ableism in Companion Animal Welfare and Treatment Options for Canine Fears and Anxiety.