March 7, 2024
Categories: Animal Behavior, Events

Join us at Camp Maddie: Behavior Edition on March 20 and April 3, 2024 from 9AM-1PM PT (12PM-4PM ET) for two free, virtual, half-days that will include presentations, short videos and question & answer sessions about dog behavior. We’ll talk about determining which dogs are safe to rehome, keeping dogs happy and healthy while they are in your care at the shelter, and finding them homes.

Kicking off Camp Maddie will be Chris Pachel, DVM, Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist (DACVB), Certified Animal Behavior Consultant (CABC), and Owner of the Animal Behavior Clinic. Dr. Pachel lectures worldwide, teaches veterinary schools courses, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for dvm360. He is also a Vice-president of Veterinary Behavior for Instinct Dog Behavior and Training, as well as co-owner of Instinct Portland, which opened in the fall of 2020. 

In his presentation, “Risk Assessment of Dogs with a History of Aggressive Behavior,” Dr. Pachel will discuss risk factors that affect the likelihood of achieving a safe and successful outcome for these dogs. Veterinarians and behavior professionals are frequently faced with questions about aggressive behaviors that may include biting, scratching, lunging, or threatening postures. As with other behavioral questions, it is rare for there to be a single “right” answer to a question, or a “one size fits all” solution to the problem that is occurring.

Most of Camp Maddie: Behavior Edition’s longer presentations, including Dr. Pachel’s, have been approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and the American Association of Veterinary State Board’s (AAVSB) Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE).

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