When it comes to adopting foster pets, who decides?

Who is in the best position to know what type of home would be best for a pet in a foster home: the adoption organization, or the foster caregiver? It’s a question that might not have a single answer. Some foster caregivers may prefer to be involved with pets but not be comfortable working directly… Learn More

Putting shelter cat stress on the spot

Want to reduce stress and illness in sheltered cats? Take a spotty approach to cleaning and sanitation! However counter-intuitive it might seem, some of the steps we take to prevent disease in animal shelters might have the opposite effect. One such practice is the thorough cleaning of cat cages, including removing the cat, bedding, bowls,… Learn More

5 resources every animal shelter needs (and 2 of them are free!)

If your animal organization is serious about saving lives, preventing suffering, and treating animals with their physical and emotional well-being in mind, here are five resources you can’t do without: 1. The Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) Guidelines to Standards of Care in Animal Shelters Available as a free download, this is the bible of… Learn More

Radically re-thinking kitten adoptions

People who foster orphaned kittens form deep bonds with them as they take them from fragile babyhood to adoption age. Doesn’t it make sense to let those fosterers have a say in who adopts the kittens?

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